Crab Meat Just Joined the Pro League

From the pristine waters of Southeast Asia, a major crab fishing ground, and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Jackson & Partners brings an MVP – Most Valuable Product to market; 100% pasteurized blue swimming crab meat (Portunus pelagicus) and Mexican pasteurized blue crab (Callinectes bellicosus) to enhance your culinary experience every time with the consistency that you require.

Superior Crab Meat From Around The World

This is the largest size of all whole white muscle meat.

Whole, round, pillowy, solid pieces of white muscle meat picked from the two swimming leg muscles.

Large firm, whole and broken jumbo white meat pieces that do not grade out as Colossal or Jumbo.

Blend of medium , firm, whole and broken pieces of white lump meat and white body meat.

Combination of flake lump and white body meat.

Light-brown muscle chunks, sweet tasting with the fullest flavor of all grades.

Why ProCrab?

At Jackson & Partners, we’re committed to the principles of responsibility and sustainability in the sourcing of our exclusive brand of PRO CRAB. In the art of food sport, you only have one chance to get it right. 

Portunus pelagicus is one of the largest species in the swimming crab family. It has a sweet, ocean-fresh-like flavor with a milky, cream, color. The product is shell-free with little cartilage present. Our Indonesian blue swimming crab is sure to become an all-star player on your culinary team. 

Callinectes bellicosus has a unique flavor and texture due to the high salinity of the water it is sourced from making it a highly sought-after product from chefs around the country.