As a young boy growing up in Alabama, Vincent “Bo” Edward Jackson, developed his love for food alongside his mother cooking in the kitchen for their family of 10. Over the years, Bo’s passion for food creation grew stronger. After a legendary sport career, he was able to go back to one of his first passions starting several different food companies supplying to the beef and seafood industry.

Over this time Bo started working with industry veterans to create a series of food products and quickly realized they were in alignment with their food vision of building a multi-protein, value-based food company that operated with responsibility as one of it’s core foundational pillars. Since Jackson & Partners’ inception, the company has become a leader in food and beverage, bringing innovation, technology, and flavor together to help solve restaurant and consumer needs in the marketplace while creating a better way forward for many. 

Jackson & Partners has created a culture of mentorship and development in a place where creativity is celebrated and a fun work hard, play harder mentality is embraced.

The Pioneer

“I make sure my products have a sustainability and social responsibility aspect to them. Our burgers are named Veteran Strong to honor our American heroes. Here at Jackson and Partners we strive to be the best at everything we do while giving back and embracing responsible business practices.” – Bo Jackson


founder & chairman

Vincent Edward Jackson, better known as Bo Jackson, has been successfully running several businesses over the last three decades, perfecting his strategies and venturing into multiple projects that ultimately led to the creation of Jackson and Partners, LLC. As demonstrated by his remarkable success as a professional, two-sport athlete in his youth years, and nowadays by his Forbes-worthy, entrepreneurial endeavors, Bo Jackson is known to bring passion and commitment to any goals he sets out to pursue.