Give Back To Our Brave Men and Women

It’s our turn to fight for those who fought for us. Our Veteran Strong product mix does so by supporting our disabled veterans by allowing them to manufacture our seafood dips as well as donating a percentage of sales of burgers to Hire Heroes USA. We care about our veterans. 

Take a Bite of American Pride

Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Panko

Blue Crab & Cream Cheese

A Southern Twist on Cold Water Lobster with a

Hint of Horseradish and Lime

A Southern Staple with the Addition of Vermont’s Seriously Sharp Cabot Cheese

A Creamy Blend of Freshly

Grated Parmesan and Blue Crab

Cream Cheese, Blue Crab Cheddar Cheese

Buffalo Sauce, Bacon & Blue Cheese Crumbles

A Unique Smokey Blend of Florida Oak and

Hickory with a Twist of Key Lime

Also Available in 5 lb. Food Service Sizes


Special OPS

“100% Seasoned Angus”


Why Veteran Strong?

No veteran should feel like their mission and societal contributions are no longer needed.  So we’ve created the Veteran Strong product line to give veterans with impaired abilities an opportunity to feed families across the US and make an even better life for themselves. As such, part of our proceeds goes to support these heroes and their families. This is not just social responsibility; it’s an honor!

All the Veteran Strong products follow the highest quality standards in the USA and offer a mouth-watering range of flavors. Our beef patties include three premium blends: special ops (Angus beef), mission strong (Angus beef/mushroom blend), and air assault (high-end chuck, short rib, and brisket). Our seafood products come with seven unique dip flavors including sharp pimento blue crab, Mexican street corn blue crab, Buffalo blue crab, parmesan blue crab, jalapeno popper blue crab, smoked mahi-mahi, and spicy lobster. All are made with real, blue swimming crab, Florida mahi-mahi, or Northern lobster.