Jackson & Partners has introduced over 90+ products to the market & we are very proud of our brands & suppliers.  We are committed to product innovation & look forward to serving you for many years to come.  From a Legendary Company Comes Legendary Products.



Superior Crab Meat from around the World

At Jackson & Partners, we're committed to the principles of responsibility and sustainability in

the sourcing of all our products including our exclusive Pro Crab brand. As one of our flagship brands, our Pro Crab product line features both Blue Crab Meat from Mexico and Blue Swimming Crab Meat 

From the Sea of Cortez, we bring you All-Natural Mexican Pasteurized Blue Crab Meat. From the pristine waters of SE Asia and the Visayan Sea, two major crab fishing grounds, J&P has gone to India, Indonesia and the Philippines to bring you 100% Pasteurized Blue Swimming Crab Meat to enhance your culinary experience every time with the consistency that you require.  Our Philippines supplier has earned the All-Star prized MVP (Most Valuable Partner in Sustainability) award not only for the signing of a memorandum of understanding to improve the ecological sustainability of the blue swimming crab harvesting in the Philippines but also for their good works and commitment to preserving the lives of deaf-mutes in the Philippines.



Seafood Appetizers and Entrees

Our All-Star Signature Sideliners line of seafood products features high quality, sustainably

sourced shrimp, crab and ready-to-eat meals with such proteins as salmon, cod and sea bass.

Our partnerships with International suppliers from India, Mexico and Spain include some of the world’s

leading brands like Aligator, Cortez Seafood and SeaStar Select. We’re proud to partner with these socially-responsible companies and our mutual commitment to using ASC or MSC certified seafoods ensures that you receive products that are of the highest quality and fully sustainable throughout the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution process.  All-Star Signature Sideliners Seafood will surpass all of your culinary expectations.



Plant-Based Products Cross Categories

Jackson & Partners’ drive for innovation in the marketplace is embodied

in our Gotcha! line of plant-based products.

We are leading the movement in creating healthy, great-tasting plant-based proteins in multiple center-of-the-plate categories. With regards to sustainability, we look at the entire supply chain, from the producer all the way to the chef. Whether it's consumers or retail and food-service partners, we want our customers to say

Gotcha, “Yes, it’s plant-based.”



Chef-Inspired, Global Cuisine

Touring the world one meal at a time, the World Series product line of Ready-to-Eat meals

offers customers authentic, chef-inspired recipes from such countries as India, China,

Greece, Mexico and expanding into other countries soon.

From Kung Pao Chicken to Chile Verde Pork and Grecian Style Chicken, our Ready-to-Eat Meals are great-tasting and can be heated and served quickly.  Globally inspired and authentically crafted to provide our customers with a unique dining experience that will inspire you to pack your bags and tour the world.



Four (4) Blends of Burgers for Food Service & Retail

Special Ops seasoned Angus beef patties to the Mission Strong Blended Burger patties, 

Veteran Strong Burgers offers consumers a quality product that tastes great at a reasonable price.

The Special Ops seasoned Angus beef patty gives robust steak flavors in a juicy burger at home. The Mission Strong Blended Burger (Mushroom & Seasoned Angus Beef) also offers quality, great taste and is ready to complement any of your favorite burger toppings.


National Social Responsibility Program

Jackson & Partners has created the “Veteran Strong” social responsibility program and

partnered with leading suppliers, retailers and other food industry organizations to support the

good work that U.S. military veterans contribute to their local communities.

A percentage of all proceeds from sales of “Veteran Strong” branded products go various organizations throughout the United States that focus on our Service Men & Women. “Veteran Strong” products are made in the U.S.A. and Look for “Veteran Strong” products, at a retailer near you.



Not only have we done this for other brand partners over the last decade; we took an icon in marketing, Bo Jackson, we created Jackson & Partners which has quickly become a leader in the  industry as a processor and importer of high-quality & sustainably-sourced food products.